100% Unprocessed Human Hair Weave With Three Part Lace Closure Natural Color

For the price, these bundles are amazing. I made a wig with it n it came out nice. I did notice the ends were a bit thin compared to the top but after I washed it, it wasn’t noticeable. It came well packaged and felt like it was worth more. Also some “Mac” lashes came included. I’m not mad about it I like the extra effort. I’m 100 percent Pleased. Now if it last long I will be even more happy. I did a $250 job for $65!

It’s been a couple of months now. The hair was amazing for over a month but it began to decline from there. I used no heat and only hair moose. At first I would just wet it and add moose and it would look great all day. About a month later it felt like there was product build up so I washed it. It came back amazing and soft and flowing until I put products in it.

Even something as simple as oil would make it tangly and matted. So I washed it again and it came back fine. So when ever I use this wig I shampoo and condition it, let it air dry or blow dry it if I’m in a rush. I put it in a low bun at night and I won’t add any product to it at all. This last for about 2 maybe three weeks and then I wash it again to bring it back. I would say for 65 bucks I am pleased. Definitely worth it!

Brazilian Curly Hair 3 Bundles 12 14 16inch Good Quality Curly Weave Human Hair Bundles Soft Remy Hair

This hair is really good for the price. It sheds but not excessively; mostly when I brush it. I felt that I needed to update my review because the hair can hold a curl. I wand curled this hair two weeks ago. I sprayed the hair with holding spray, curled the hair, and sprayed again. The curls were really tight for the first 4 days; now I have fluffy-bouncy curls weeks later. Please keep in mind that I made a u-part wig and remove this hair before bed. It’s worth the purchase; I will buy again.

The hair was packaged nicely in a pink reusable bag. The package included 3 16 inch bundles and a 14 inch closure. The hair smelled like faint chemicals or as if the hair had been processed.

I made a U part wig with 2 bundles and the closure. The closure was not too thick but not too thin – it’s just right (it holds a curl longer than the bundles).The hair is not full but I used two bundles because I wanted it to look natural. After I sewed the hair on to a mesh cap, I bleached the ends (the bleach took well to the hair), then I used a box dye on top for a red tone.

The hair sheds when I brush it but it is not bothersome. After washing the hair, I noticed that it does not have a wave at all. I don’t believe the hair is a true body wave. A major con for me is that the majority of the hair is filled with gray strands. I try to pull out as much as I can when I see them.

I have had this hair for 3 weeks. I wear it as a middle part and flatiron my leave-out. I am natural and my hair blends pretty well with the hair. The hair holds wand curls, plus pin the curls and spray with holding spray. The curls will last for a few days. I’ve also used flexi rods which work well too.

All and all the hair is just ok. I think that the hair is holding up because it is a wig that I remove before bed.