Unprocessed Human Hair Bundles with Closure Free Part

I ordered the Brazilian curly hair in the lengths 26, 24, 22 + 20 inch closure. The hair came in beautiful packaging with nice lashes, and it came quickly due to it prime shipping. The hair does have a factory smell, but nothing unbearable, it will come out when you wash it.

Also, there is a slight color to the water after washing, which doesn’t look like dye, it looks more like package preservative to keep the hair up during its trip to you. It does have some different colored strands in it…I’m not sure if they are filler brazilian hairs, or dyed, but either way the hair is beautiful. After washing the hair, it was very smooth, soft, and easy to manage.

I recommend purchasing the OGX Argan Oil or Morocco (extra strength) products to manage this hair bundles because it’s amazing for weave. The bundles and closure do shed, especially the closure, but the hair is full and I’m not too worried; after washing shedding seemed minimal. So far, I love the hair. Great job Flady! It is soft, manageable, and affordable.

Brazilian Hair Body Wave Wig Lace Front Wig with Baby Hair

This wig is very nice! The packaging was neat and it smelt natural. Omg it was so soft and the knots looked already bleached. The cap was a bit tight on my head but I have a big head so that was expected lol. The lashes aren’t all that but lashes that come with lace wigs aren’t always good so yeah.

I must say for the price the human hair  wigs is beautiful and soft, it is true to length and the cap is adjustable. The cap has a 4 x 4 lace area as i requested. it has baby hair and very happy with this wig, would order form the seller again but would request for a bigger cap. I will be making another review in a phew weeks to update you on the progress of the hair.

Brazilian Body Wave Human Hair Bundles

I love this brazilian hair. This is my first time installing weave, I’ve only ever had braids and short natural hair styles so needless to say I was apprehensive about it.

My stylist recommended this product and once she installed it she cut it into a short bob. I am in love. I plan on getting this style again…same product and maybe I’ll add some color this time. I normally put my bonnet on at night after wrapping the brazilian hair bundles just like I would normally do my natural silk wrap and in the morning I just brush or comb it down; throw a couple of spiral curls in the front with my flat iron and go. It has been so easy to maintain. Despite the fact that my scalp itches like crazy (im going to try and wash it while installed for the first time tomorrow)I don’t have anything bad to say about the product. The hair is full and healthy and natural looking. The bounce is amazing. The smell is non existent and it curls beautifully.

The bonus about this product is the fact that is arrived so quickly. My stylist didn’t even have to use all three bundles. I still have a whole bundle left. The package was super cute with the free lashes and headband as an added touch.

Brazilian Virgin Hair with Closure Straight Human Hair 3 Bundles

I know that I go swimming a lot and after 3 days of going to the pool straight the hair actually stay true to its softness and it did not tangle up. I know that it does not shed really at all. Then nape of my neck does not get tangled and I’m always outside I’m doing 12-hour shifts.

I love this hair a lot, this is my third time purchasing the hair. I’ve been having its hair for about 4 months now and any bad review about Miss flower hair I cannot relate because this hair is really good and it’s very truthful about how good is really is.

And its very inexpensive and the management to take care of the hair is not too extraneous. So if you have any questions feel free to message me.

Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair Bundles With Closure

This hair is very affordable!! Honestly you never really get good hair at a low price but this brazilian hair was amazing!! The texture of this hair was silky with no fly aways nor split ends very thick. I made a unit with the 3 bundles and bleach/colored green.

The hair lifted in no time and took the color so good i watercolored my hair and with via naturals green envy semi permanent hair dye…Even the part of the hair that i did not bleach took the dye too; i was totally shocked at the quality of this hair…I highly recommend this hair if you like to color not only just because of that but i can tell this brazilian hair is going to last me a long time because i did not experience any shedding nor tangles and thats a big deal for me.

Also the virgin human hair can hold a curl all day sis yes!!!! I normally dont put heat to my units unless im in a rush i typically flexi rod them with some water or foam wrap lotion. Customer service with this vendor was super and informative, will continue doing business.

Brazilian Virgin Hair 3 Bundles with Closure Brazilian Body Wave 8A

I could ask for nothing more with this hair ! I purchased the 18,20, & 22 with the 16 inch closure. I had the hair made into a wig and it has lasted 8+ months !! The older the hair gets, it starts to tangle and shed more but I feel like that comes with any hair. When that happens, all i have to do is give it a good wash and condition.

Every once in a while, I boil the hair to bring back the life and it comes right back !! I can tell the hair has shedded because it is thinner than when I first purchased it, but I still can’t complain! I love the hair and I definitely will be purchasing more. The hair does take bleaching and dying because I referred this hair to someone and it took the bleach well.

100% Unprocessed Human Hair Weave With Three Part Lace Closure Natural Color

For the price, these bundles are amazing. I made a wig with it n it came out nice. I did notice the ends were a bit thin compared to the top but after I washed it, it wasn’t noticeable. It came well packaged and felt like it was worth more. Also some “Mac” lashes came included. I’m not mad about it I like the extra effort. I’m 100 percent Pleased. Now if it last long I will be even more happy. I did a $250 job for $65!

It’s been a couple of months now. The hair was amazing for over a month but it began to decline from there. I used no heat and only hair moose. At first I would just wet it and add moose and it would look great all day. About a month later it felt like there was product build up so I washed it. It came back amazing and soft and flowing until I put products in it.

Even something as simple as oil would make it tangly and matted. So I washed it again and it came back fine. So when ever I use this wig I shampoo and condition it, let it air dry or blow dry it if I’m in a rush. I put it in a low bun at night and I won’t add any product to it at all. This last for about 2 maybe three weeks and then I wash it again to bring it back. I would say for 65 bucks I am pleased. Definitely worth it!

Brazilian Curly Hair 3 Bundles 12 14 16inch Good Quality Curly Weave Human Hair Bundles Soft Remy Hair

This hair is really good for the price. It sheds but not excessively; mostly when I brush it. I felt that I needed to update my review because the hair can hold a curl. I wand curled this hair two weeks ago. I sprayed the hair with holding spray, curled the hair, and sprayed again. The curls were really tight for the first 4 days; now I have fluffy-bouncy curls weeks later. Please keep in mind that I made a u-part wig and remove this hair before bed. It’s worth the purchase; I will buy again.

The hair was packaged nicely in a pink reusable bag. The package included 3 16 inch bundles and a 14 inch closure. The hair smelled like faint chemicals or as if the hair had been processed.

I made a U part wig with 2 bundles and the closure. The closure was not too thick but not too thin – it’s just right (it holds a curl longer than the bundles).The hair is not full but I used two bundles because I wanted it to look natural. After I sewed the hair on to a mesh cap, I bleached the ends (the bleach took well to the hair), then I used a box dye on top for a red tone.

The hair sheds when I brush it but it is not bothersome. After washing the hair, I noticed that it does not have a wave at all. I don’t believe the hair is a true body wave. A major con for me is that the majority of the hair is filled with gray strands. I try to pull out as much as I can when I see them.

I have had this hair for 3 weeks. I wear it as a middle part and flatiron my leave-out. I am natural and my hair blends pretty well with the hair. The hair holds wand curls, plus pin the curls and spray with holding spray. The curls will last for a few days. I’ve also used flexi rods which work well too.

All and all the hair is just ok. I think that the hair is holding up because it is a wig that I remove before bed.

Unprocessed Virgin Brazilian Straight Human Hair Weave Bundles Natural Black Color

So I was secptical at first about this here it came with a strange smell that was hard to wash away I also noticed many red fibers throughout the bundles no shedding that we really observed and when I want to wash the hair it got a nice little wave to it I purchased this here for my younger cousin for her first sew in.

It has lasted well so far it has been installed for about three weeks now she has not watched it yet and has an applied much hair products as she’s in high school and doesn’t know much about hair so I would say is holding up good without any care whatsoever but it would definitely do better with a weekly deep conditioning I will be ordering some for my self I’m hoping this time no smell.

FAQs on 8A Brazilian Virgin Hair Body Wave 3 Bundles With Closure

Q:How do I buy a closure
A:You can buy a size of bundles with closure and keep the closure and sell the hair bundles to your friends .

Q:Do you sell hair with highlights?
A:Sorry , we don’t . what we sell is natural color hair , you can dye it yourself .

Q:Do this hair shed?
A:Yes!!! And actually this hair is not what people say it is. It get tangled up. It shed. I watched it & it never went back to its natural texture. And I got the body wave. And it never went back wave.

Q:I bought your hair and when I washed it before my install I noticed that the bundles were soapy as if it was already shampoo on it. Is this normal?
A:No mine wasn’t

Q:Can the hair be bleached ?
A:Yes , all of our natural color hair can be bleached .

Q:how much In south African rand ?
A:Sorry,we don’t sell to south African rand,honey.