100% Unprocessed Brazilian Human Hair Weave Extensions

I received the hair and it feels great. now I will say that a couple of the bundles ends were iffy, but nothing conditioner won’t fix , seems like it may be from being bent up during the shipping process. No shedding so wefts are sealed. I would however seal them again for good measure. Remember anytime you cut wefts many are prone to shedding if not sealed in some way. Hair was lively and full of bounce. I am pretty sure they are true to length but will try to measure.

The hair held up pretty well but I was sent the wrong grade got 8 instead of 10. As it gets older it does shed and it is hard to dye or bleach. So i decided to experiment and put a relaxer on it a couple of days ago. It stopped the extra tangling but still sheds. The hair is installed in my head and I will wear it until I decide to change it out.